Songs From The Avenue

SONGS FROM THE AVE: Alberta Avenue is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Edmonton, once being the very outskirts of a city that would soon swallow up its neighboring town of Beverly. Now perched on the doorstep of a revitalization project, how do we connect the rich past to the darker present to a brighter future? If these sidewalks could talk, the stories they would tell. If these streets could sing, the songs we would hear. Connecting the past to the present gives people the foundation to envision a better future. Resident songwriters of this neighbourhood, including Scott Peters, Terry Morrison, Chris Wynters, Brent Oliver, Paul Bellows, James Murdoch, White Cats, Captain Tractor, Joe Bird, Dr Blu, and Barry Westerlund, connect tales of long time residents, unsung stories of the harsh streets, and find a way to a future of this vibrant community.

It is distributed through ‘Six Shooter Records’

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