riches and grace

This recording is a great collection of original compositions combined together with a smattering of songs by other writers. Produced by Edmonton bassist and studio maven Mike Lent , there is a real jazz sensibility that weaves its way through this album. The cover songs on this CD include the live Klezmer feel of “Bei Mir Bist Du Schon”, the haunting “Liverpool Lullaby” based on a traditional ballad with lyrics by Stan Kelly, as well as the Ellington classic “Prelude To A Kiss” featuring Terry’s rich contralto and Mike’s unparalleled upright bass playing.

Morrison’s original cuts are diverse as well, including the sweet textural tune titled “A Fine Balance” about combining two lives together, to the pop motown feel of “Casual Encounter” relating the repercussions of a brief romantic liason.

The musicians that lent their considerable talent to this recording are; Teddy Boroweicki accordion and piano, Graham Guest Hammond B3 and piano, Bob Tildesley trumpet and flugelhorn, Mo Lefever electric guitar, Lyle Molzan drums and percussion, Jeff Bradshaw pedal steel, Brent Parkin electric guitar, Gary Koliger acoustic guitar and of course Mike Lent upright bass.

This is a fine collection of songs and represents a true crossover of Morrison’s musical influences. It is rich and graceful just as the title promises.

Terry received funding for this album through the Rawlco Radio 10k20 program , a program designed to support the local music scene in Edmonton. This is a program that can be truly touted as proof of what the corporate world can do to support communities. Bravo!
Track List
1. Liverpool Lullaby 4:42
2. Fine Balance 4:51
3. Casual Encounter 3:34
4. Orphan Lake 5:10
5. Bei Mir Bist Du Schön 3:59
6. Take Me Down 4:17
7. Never No More 4:19
8. Waiting For the Harvest 4:49
9. Winter Storm 3:51
10. Prelude To A Kiss 4:55

Listen to a couple of cuts on SoundCloud
Fine Balance
Casual Encounter

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