Wild Roses Northern Lights

This recording released in 2006 by the Smithsonian Folkways Label, is a compilation of songs performed and written by Alberta Songwriters.
The artists represented on this compilation were selected because their compositions vividly illuminate one or more aspects of the multifaceted culture that is contemporary Alberta; however, they represent only a handful of the Albertan country, folk, and roots artists whose music reflects what it means to be from “Wild Rose Country”. We hope this CD inspires listerners to seek out and enjoy more music from Albertan singers, songwriters and bands ...

Another veteran of the Alberta folk scene, Terry Morrison continues to build on an impressive body of work which is as poetic as it is compelling. A native of Edmonton, she started to gain experience as a performer in the mid 1970’s, when she began playing coffeehouses, folk clubs and concerts. Hanging with peers and learning the craftsmanship of accompanying oneself on guitar and shaping songs gave her the resources to record a handful of superb recordings. Albums like No Covers and Breaking Ground find her warm voice weaving its way through arrangements that broaden the folksinger songwriter idiom as jazz and electric instrumentation envelop songs that project images of travel and experience.

*Peter North – liner notes from Smithsonian Folkways ‘Wild Roses Northern Lights’*

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