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Feb 2 & 3 Terry Morrison & John Gorham Flying Canoe Festival Edmonton Festival Info
Mar 5 Terry Morrison, John Gorham and Catherine Robertson Royal Ontario Museum Toronto Big Rock Exploration PEDAC Party
June 21 Terry Morrison & John Gorham with Catherine Robertson and Farley Scott “Works Festival Street Stage” Capital Plaza Edmonton
Nov 22 Terry Morrison & John Gorham “Auditorium Hotel” Nanton
Dec 8 The Pleading Hearts “Empress Ale House” Edmonton 4-6pm


January 7 Terry Morrison & John Gorham Cask and Barrel 4 – 6PM 10041 104 St NW, Edmonton
March 18 Primed on Prine: The Songs of John Prine Featuring Terry Morrison, Al Brant and Kevin Cook at The Blue Chair Cafe 9624 76 Ave NW, Edmonton
April 24 Terry Morrison Sideliners Pub and Pantry 8:30 PM Opener. Edmonton
August 12 Terry Morrison Cask and Barrel 4 – 6PM 10041 104 St NW, Edmonton
August 23 Terry Morrison & Bobby Dove Empress Ale House Evening show.
Sept 28 Terry Morrison Salvos Awards 7pm Edmonton City Hall
Sept 29 Terry Morrison Canadian Federation of University Women Conference “Chateau Lacombe Hotel” 7pm Edmonton
Nov 30 Terry Morrison The Brick and Whiskey 8937 82 Ave NW, Edmonton 8pm
Dec 2 The Pleading Hearts The Empress Ale House 99 St. & 82 Ave. Edmonton 4pm


Feb 20 Asani Winter Roots Women of Folkways Concert, Parkview Community Hall Edmonton
April 16 Terry Morrison and John Gorham Cask and Barrel Edmonton 4 – 6PM
April 22 – 23 The Pleading Hearts live recording Studio 96 Edmonton 7 pm Invite event please contact me
June 17th – 19th Terry Morrison and John Gorham North Country Fair, Driftpile AB
June 23 & June 28 The Works Street Stage with John Gorham, Edmonton 2:30pm
June 30th to July 2nd Terry Morrison and John Gorham Wild Oats n’ Notes, Tofield AB
July 20th Asani performs at the Premiers breakfast Alberta Legislative grounds
December 3 The Pleading Hearts at the Empress Ale House Edmonton 4pm


Feb 12 Asani Kick off to Silver Skate Westin Hotel
Feb 19 Terry Morrison Trio Parkland Institute Gala fundraiser Alumni House U of A
Mar 5 Asani at the Skirts Afire Festival Variety Show 7 pm Alberta Avenue Hall
Mar 6 Asani Workshop ‘Hear Me Roar’ 10 am Alberta Avenue Hall
May 27 Asani performing as part of Arts Councils Aboriginal Fusion Shaw Conference Centre
May 30 Terry Morrison Alberta Avenue Bloomin’ Garden Show 2pm
June 18 Asani Homeward Trust Open house evening
June 20 Asani Aboriginal Day Indian Village Stampede Park Calgary
June 21 Asani Aboriginal Day Lions Park St. Albert
July 24-26th Terry Morrison & John Gorham Sasquatch Gathering Rangeton Park
November 21 Terry Morrison & John Gorham CD Release Blue Chair Cafe Edmonton AB
Dec 4 Christmas Carol Project Festival Place Sherwood Park AB
Dec 21-23 Christmas Carol Project Pumphouse Theatre Calgary AB

Nov 1 Bailey Theatre Camrose AB ‘Primed on Prime: The Songs of John Prine 7:30pm
Dec 19 – 20 Fringe Theatre Adventures at the Arts Barns Edmonton – ‘The Christmas Carol Project’

Terry MorrisonTerry MorrisonTerry Morrison
Terry Morrison - one of the most intellectually compelling songwriters in Edmonton


Hey Folks!
It’s been a while since I have visited my own site and now I think I finally have the time to concentrate a little more on music! I have spent most of the past year moving. We have relocated to the south of Alberta to a little town called Nanton. Spent most of the winter and spring renovating the new home and settling in. I have hardly had time to think. Now it’s time to work a bit on getting the music out there again so stay tuned…

John Gorham and I continue working on new duo material and are making plans to take it on the road more.
We are also doing work with The Pleading Hearts and are working towards getting our live recording in the ‘can’.
I had the pleasure of playing a few tunes for the Salvos Prelorentzos Peace Awards Night at the Edmonton City Hall and Paula Kirman had her video camera there. The consequence is that she captured some of my tunes which I have shared here.

Sweet Sanctuary

Wolf Willow and Alberta Rose

Waiting For the Harvest

Terry Morrison and John Gorham ‘First Waltz’ was produced by Canadian musician and songwriter Stephen Fearing and recorded by Scott Franchuk of Edmonton’s Riverdale Recorders. The recording is a combination of Terry and John’s original compositions as well as tunes from some of their friends in the Canadian songwriting community. It features some great playing from both musicians as well as; Maria Dunn, Cam Neufeld, Byron Myhre, Bob Blair, Paul Martineau, Keith Rempel and Stephen Fearing. From the quirky to the poignant it is a great testament to the combined talents of this powerhouse duo.

This is their first album together, and hopefully the first of many more to come.They are perfect foils for each other, Gorham with his friendly, gravelly voice, Morrison with her rich, jazz-inflected set of pipes, and both with their timeless poignant tunes that pay great respect to the past times in Alberta.
The album is full of old fashioned charm – Penguin Eggs

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Terry’s recording ‘riches and grace’ was produced by Edmonton musician Mike Lent and features some fine playing from some of the best players in Edmonton. It’s a real showcase of Morrison’s vocal prowess that combines a jazz sensibility with Terry’s own inimitable muscial style.

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Songs From The Avenue is a project that features the songs of 11 songwriters and bands from the Alberta Avenue Community in Edmonton. The songs were all written about some aspect of the neighbourhood, both historical and social. Terry’s song 1942 was written from the viewpoint of a young woman during WWII. Edmonton was a major staging ground for troops, the majority of whom were posted in barracks which flanked the Alberta Avenue community.
The CD is released on Six Shooter Records

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The Smithsonian Folkways has released an album featuring the songs of Alberta artists. Terry’s song, ‘Long Dusty Road’, from her ‘High Mileage Soul’ CD is one of the tracks included on this disc. It is a good indication of the high regard awarded to Terry Morrison as a songwriter.

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Carol Project

The ‘Christmas Carol Project’ , a stage show that has featured the same musical cast members for 20 years, wrapped up Christmas 2015. It was a memorable run.

The Carol Project is like one of those tiny presents off in the corner under the tree that you almost ignore. But to do so would be a big mistake, for the true spirit of the season shines within it. Toronto Star Review

Carol Project Video Clip

Keep your eyes open for dates featuring “The Pleading Hearts”
This is an all out fun project with Chris Smith, Paul Paetz, John Gorham and Terry Morrison… cheatin’ and hurtin’ country songs. Oh Boy!

To find out more about Terry’s musical partner , John Gorham, please visit his website at www.johngorham.net